Prize List for 2020 Schooling Shows

Kathy Simard judging at Tomora August 22, 2020
High Point Winners Brandi Chapman and Drummer, owned by Fran Phipps
Silja Knoll and Ruby
Andrea Churich and A Bugs Life
Silja Alexander and Chloe
Julie Haugen and Argo
Whitney Haugen and Tiara
Ricki Link and Red Hot Mama
Rachel Fusco and Mouse
Julie Haugen and Alex
Lynn Ahern and Uno Quixote Hix
Jacki Rosellen and Colorado Gold Rush
Whitney Haugen and Classic Royal Pride
Kehan Cox and Fire
Ronan Cox and Knox
Melanie Newkirk and Guinness
Kathy Coulson and Diary – Estes Park

Didi and Rider
Dolly Hannon; “Improve Your Performance” Clinic July 2020
Christine Olver and Fey
Lisa Wolfe and Aces Wild
Kathleen Kilkelly and Most Wanted
Silja Knoll and Ruby
Kellee James and Cesca
Can you see the heart made of snow? We love Dolly!